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DM 201: Advanced Transformational
              Life Coaching

Please be informed that our school partners with Dream Mentors International and credential those seeking to become Christian Life Coaches and obtain a percentage from each subscription, so it is important that you are purchasing through our link.  

*You will need to purchase your course materials prior to beginning any of the courses.

This will grant you lifetime access to the back office enclosing the course syllabus and all other materials including the audio-visuals. Text-Book purchase is separate.

This is an introductory course for those persons desiring to become better disciplers and also learn the basics of biblical life coaching. In this 30 hour course you will be introduced to basic disciple training skills and basic biblical life coaching skills. Preparation skills are developed for the specialty of Christian Transformational Life Coaching.


DM 101 Basic Biblical Life Coaching-2.png

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This is a two-part course and is an advanced level course. It is for those persons desiring to understand the depths of transformational life coaching. Coaching theories and attachment to God are encouraged in the transformational process. Skills will be learned to help the coach learn to connect with God better and to how to help the client do this in the transformational process. An understanding of the diagrams will be necessary to facilitate this course to others


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